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Cabin filters

    Cabin filters, also called cabin filters are used for filtering air which is sucked in directly from the road, forced in through ventilation or air conditioning system into the driver's cab. Most of the modern manufactured cars are equipped with these filters, as it is no more a synonym of luxury but the safety requirement. Tiredness, allergic rhinitis, eye watering or breathing disorder have definitely a negative impact on the driver's reflexes and might be really dangerous for road safety. These symptoms are often caused by contaminants coming into the driver's cab with the air sucked. The concentration of certain types of contaminants results from a number of factors such as season, weather conditions, noxiousness of local industry and road traffic intensity. Air dustiness may reach a level six times higher than outside the car in vehicles not equipped with dust filters, as with the working ventilator, the cabin acts as a decanter.


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